10 Reasons Why This Game-Changing Castle Playset Is on Every Parent’s Gift-list

Webb Knudsen By Webb Kudsen
Last Updated: November 18, 2023
Curious Kingdom Castle Playset

Explore the Magic of Storytelling

The Curious Kingdom is filled with unique characters with clever backstories, play along or create your own adventures. Create lasting memories through interactive playtime that enhances language skills and creativity.

Learning Through Play

Spark your kids’ critical thinking skills and unlock learning opportunities during playtime. The Castle encourages learning in geometry, spatial recognition, engineering, architecture, and so much more, all while having fun.

Build and Explore

Building the Curious Kingdom playset is child's play itself. Your child can embark on this adventure solo or with your guidance, setting the stage for endless fun. Every piece can be built and then disassembled back into the same box (about the size of a book) that it comes in, so you can take it anywhere.

Curious Kingdom Castle

Unlock Boundless Creativity

Foster imaginative play with a fun DIY buildable castle playset, complete with moving parts. You'll have a blast creating a multi-level castle featuring a lockable drawbridge and a hidden trap door. Your kids will embark on magical adventures with the included 7 kingdom characters, props, accessories, and "magic stickers."

Expandable Worlds of Imagination

The Castle playset can be played on its own or seamlessly integrated into the other Curious Kingdom playsets available with expandable challenges, characters and adventures. Children build their own world, making each play session a new adventure in learning and creativity.

Foster a Love for Nature Early with Eco-Friendly Toys

All Playper products are created with a new durable, high-quality PlayperBoard® playtime material. It's thick, sturdy, and has a velvety feel. The best part is PlayperBoard® is flexible, spill-resistant, and tough enough to withstand rough-and-tumble play from kids of all ages. And it's 100% recyclable!

Award-Winning Fun for You and Your Kids

Playper's Curious Kingdom playset is fun, creative, and each play session offers a new adventure in creativity and learning that meets a child's age development. But don't just take our word for it - the experts agree, too! It's received eight awards for its clever characters and its STEAM/STEM attributes.

(Optional) AR Magic & Free App With Bonus Content

A beautifully designed app that helps turn the characters and accessories into magical, interactive playtime. Use the “Magic Mirror” in the app to discover stories, learning games, and hidden easter egg fun by bringing the entire kingdom to life! Scan it like a QR code, and watch the joy light up in your kids’ eyes when the characters bring stories and challenges.

Travel Friendly Fun for You and Your Kids

Boredom can wreak havoc while traveling. Since the Castle playset can be built and then disassembled and placed back into its box, it's perfect for those long car rides - and especially great on those visits to the grandparents!

Happy Kids Guarantee – Try it, 100% Risk Free!

Unlike most toy brands, Playper offers hassle-free returns on our playsets if you aren't completely satisfied. We're confident our playsets are the most versatile, fun, educational and eco-friendly kids toys ever made. If your kids aren't thrilled, get a full refund, no questions asked!

Highly Acclaimed by Educators
and Parents like you!

Great playset, feels good not to get another plastic toy!
I've been trying to move away from plastic products, but toys have been the hardest to switch over. My preschooler loves this playset! I'm amazed at the stories she's come up with for all the characters -- she even tried pickles for the first time!! Bonus is that I feel good about not getting another plastic toy. Highly recommend." 
Lily C. Verified Reviewer

Playper for Grandparents!
“The Curious Kingdom is perfect for grandparent's homes...a real winner! I love the concept and philosophy behind Playper products. It was fun to watch my 6 year old grandson and 3 year old granddaughter play so well together with King Ketchup, Queen Alpha, Snuffles, etc. It's a creative and clever product that I can feel better about buying than plastic toys."
Verified Reviewer

Entertains but also Engages Imagination
"My four-year-old loves this toy! He asks to play it often. I'm happy to let him, because instead of just consuming media, he is interacting and using his imagination. There are enough shows and Apps out there that don't require involvement from children, but this one turns on a child's brain and makes it fun to stretch beyond simple entertainment. Entertains but also Engages the Imagination."
Verified Reviewer

Educational Endorsement
by Adam Seldow

Adam Seldow Educational Advisor

"As teachers we're constantly tinkering with activities that strike the appropriate balance among play, creativity, exploration, and the safe and proper use of technology.

And as kids and parents, we love when these activities are fun. Starting with assembling the characters, Curious Kingdom meets children where they are in their developmental journey and keeps them engaged with playful and fantastical scenes.

With some guidance from a helpful grown-up, the app can add depth to the characters and catalyze new ideas and directions for play. It's clear that Curious Kingdom was designed with fun and learning bearing equal weights."

- Adam Seldow (Senior Director at Roblox | Educational Technology)

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