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"My kids love building the castle and learning with the characters!"

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Choose Your Zero-Plastic Curious Kingdom Playsets:

Curious Kingdom Castle Playset

Castle Playset
(Enhanced with AR Magic - Included & Optional)

What is inside Curious Kingdom Castle?

  • A three-tier enchanting castle with a working drawbridge
  • Seven delightful characters
  • Character booklet
  • Easy to follow instructions (no reading required!)
  • Additional accessories to enhance the magical scene
  • An AR-enhanced magic sticker sheet
  • Booklet with rich character backstories
  • Hidden interactive features enabled by a free, optional app made just for kids
  • A reusable storage box and travel friendly!  

Add-on any of these Curious Kingdom expansion options
(or use them on their own)

Curious Kingdom Gnome Catapult Set

Catapult Playset

A real working catapult! Kids build the playset then launch into their own epic story, with hours of imaginative play!

  • 1 Catapult, 4 Characters, 4 Accessories
  • All toys are 100% recyclable (and 100% full of fun!)
  • Catapult is fully functional
  • Veggie cart attaches to Cornelius the unicorn
  • A great STEAM/STEM toy
    Great gift for creative kids who love to build
  • Expanded Curious Kingdom Characters



Curious Kingdom Dragon Trainer Playset

Dragon Trainer

Kids of all ages love this build, complete with Binky the dragon, his trainer, the helper knight who puts out Binky's fires, and a grooming and feeding station!

  • 3 characters + 9 accessories
  • Enjoy the velvety feel of our premium PlayperBoard
  • A great toy for STEAM/STEM learning
  • The perfect gift for creative kids who love to build
  • 100% recyclable, durable and ready for play!
  • Expanded Curious Kingdom Characters



Playper Curious Kingdom Story Starters

Story Starters

Hours of fun, laughs and silliness come with this story-driven card set, with no reading required; just your imagination!

  • Each box comes with an exclusive free buildable figure - Leila the Ogre!
  • No reading required...just your imagination
  • Includes a blank card so you can create your own idea
  • A great road trip game, with a handy storage box
  • Endless games, activities and learning
  • Teaches kids about story structure, narrative and more



PlayperBoard® is a new durable, kid-friendly & sustainable playtime material

Pieces come in sheets - just Pop, Build & Play!

Kids and Parents Love the Curious Kingdom

"My 4.5 year old is obsessed...and the quality of this is incredible."

- Kenley M.

"My two and four year old always ask to play with their 'curious castle' at quiet time! They think 'the ketchup man' is so hilarious!!"

- Kristin

"We’ve enjoyed hours of play with Curious Kingdom. The drawbridge and dragon are favorites!"

- Alli


We've got A's for your Q's

Why Choose The Curious Kingdom Castle?

  • Age appropriate adventures
  • No reading required
  • Integrates STEAM Learning Principles like Science, Engineering, Math and much more
  • Durable & Water-resistant
  • Travel-Friendly
  • 100% Plastic-free
  • AR-enhanced magic, challenges & games
    Teaches sustainable values

Do I need the App?

The free app is completely optional, but if you'd like to try it out, it can enhance the fun of your child's favorite character by bringing them to life through the Magic Mirror!

It allows kids to unlock stories, learn games and discover surprises in the Curious Kingdom app through the magic of Augmented Reality.

Our app does not include ads or any additional paid material, it's a built-in bonus!  

How do I use the AR Features? Which Toys Are Scannable?

Tap on the Magic Mirror in the app to scan your toys in the Curious Kingdom Castle Playset. King Ketchup and Snuffles the Dragon offer full stories and games when scanned, but you'll find other fun surprises when you scan the other characters too! We think half the fun is your child exploring on their own - so encourage them to try looking at all the little details in the castle, inside and out.

How Exactly Does it Work?

You’re sent a box about the size of a book. Several pieces are in one sheet of Playperboard. Just Pop, build, and play. Kids pop out the pieces with their fingers, and follow the directions card to build each character, accessory and multi-level castle with movable parts, and begin the imaginative play.

Leave out as a playset, or disassemble the pieces back into the Playperboard sheets, and re-pack for another time or place. The playset is fun by itself, but we’ve built in even more educational content with AR-features, unlike any playset for kids out there. The AR features use an app available for download for free, and is completely optional to use - it’s an added bonus!

If its not plastic, wood or cardboard, what is it made out of?

The Curious Kingdom and other toys are made from PlayperBoard® - a plastic-free and recyclable material. PlayperBoard® is a sturdy, high-quality, durable and thick cardboard-based material used in every Playper toy. It's recyclable and has a soft, luxurious feel to it.

My kid plays rough, is it durable?

You bet! PlayperBoard® can withstand the normal wear and tear that comes with being a preschooler's favorite toy. But, because it is biodegradable, it's not indestructible. We pride ourselves on making toys that WON’T last forever; if Playper toys were as long-lasting as plastic, it would also eventually be as long-lasting in a landfill.